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Awards Announcement

Hi all before I make the award announcement in just a bit I wanted to thank several people before things got wild and crazy.

First off--I got the idea to do something a bit different for the winners this year. I approached reallycorking and kath_ballantyne to do some original artwork for the winner banners. They graciously agreed and the artwork is just beautiful. I so appreciate their hard work getting these done and I can not thank them enough. The awards are even more special this year because of them. Be sure to leave them a note letting them know how beautiful the artwork is!

Second-Thank you to simons_flower and oncelikeshari for checking journals and validating votes. Their help was invaluable and it made my job so much easier in validating everything.

And finally last but not least rickey_a who made all the winner banners. She devoted loads of time to this project and a great deal of creativity. She put up with my inability to be online and available as much as I would have liked to have been. Be sure to comment and let her know what a great job she did.

As I said I will be announcing the winners probably sometime between 830 and 9 pm EST. I will be sending out letters to the authors and artists. Those of you who do win an award if you could please hold off posting your banners until the actual winner announcement goes up I would appreciate it!

Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted!

Update on Awards

First I want to apologize. I know quite a few people are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting on the announcements. I moved quite suddenly over the weekend--only a week after I signed my lease. I have been swamped under with trying to get my kids and I unpacked so everything is liveable.

I will be sending out the results to my volunteers tonight to verify journals and votes. I will also be doing that myself tonight and tomorrow. Please be patient and give me a bit more time to get everything done.

I will announce the awards Friday evening and hopefully you'll be able to hold on until then. If you emailed me about the status of the awards and I haven't responded yet it is because I didn't have computer access to anything until late yesterday. I will try to answer those emails over the course of this evening and tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during this extremely stressful time for me.

Voting Closed and an Update


Voting closed right on time on the 24th! However,I am moving over the weekend to a new apartment and I will not have internet access until Monday evening at home.

I will be announcing the winners no later than the 3rd of March. I apologize for the delay but it's going to be an insane weekend for me.


Art Category I missed

The Nominations in the category Crying Over You are as follows:
Drops of Jupiter by hey_rupert
The Silver Doe by elspethelf
Pants at Romance by glockgal

VoteCollapse )

My apologies. I totally missed this art category on my spreadsheet

Voting Open

Voting for the 2008 Best Mates Awards is now open and will remain open until February 24th, 2009 @ 9 PM EST.

Artist Polls
Story Polls

Art Polls

The Nominations in the Category Best Mates Forever are as follows:

Free to Just Be by chibitoaster
The Time Harry Just Couldn't Stop Being Naked by derryere
Cold Hands by glockgal
Party by hey_rupert
Helping Ron by hey_rupert
Discomposure Take 2 by kath_ballantyne

VoteCollapse )

The Nominations in the Category Freckle Juice are as follows:

For Shocolate by kath_ballantyne
Catching a Glimpse by kath_ballantyne

VoteCollapse )

The Nominations in the Category I See Harry Potter are as follows:

Untitled by glockgal
Dawn by kath_ballantyne
While You Were Sleeping by paula_lirio

VoteCollapse )

The Nominations in the Category I See Ron Weasley are as follows:

Ron by elspethelf
Clouds by hey_rupert
Inevitable Clash Delicious Friction by kath_ballantyne
It Should Be Me by reallycorking

VoteCollapse )

The Nominations in the Category Lines of Eroticism are as follows:

On the Couch by kath_ballantyne
Tease by nefyr
Oh Come All Ye Faithful by reallycorking
Desperation Is A Tender Trap by reallycorking

VoteCollapse )

The Nominations in the category Visions of You are as follows:
After the Party by kath_ballantyne
Kissing by wanderingbusker

VoteCollapse )

Keep in mind that many of these images are NWS! Please do not open at work!

I am sorry about the delay in putting the polls up.

Polls will remain open until February 24, 2009 at 9 pm EST.

Thanks to all of you who nominated!


Story Polls

The Nominations for Best Comedic Performance are as follows:

The Time Harry Couldn't Stop Being Naked by derryere
Sleeping Beauty by shocolate
Five Times Ron Weasley Caught Harry Potter Behaving Questionably (But Only One Mattered) by simons_flower
Death at the Manor, a mystery by Alasdair Head by trubbleclef

VoteCollapse )

The Nominations for Best Mates Forever are asl follows:

Catalyst by aniwde
What's Another Weasley More or Less by hedwigs_bane
Parchment by iamshadow
Every Dog Will Have Its Day by kerryblaze
This is How You Repay Me? by shocolate

VoteCollapse )

The Nominations for Call Me Kinky are as Follows:

Ron Weasley and the Quest for the Giant Foreskin by abigail89
Not Your Usual Exchange by coffee_n_cocoa
If You Want to Kiss the Sky (You Better Learn How to Kneel) by shes_gone
A Matter of Trust by knic26
The Lady in Red by tqpannie

VoteCollapse )

The Nominations for Crying Over You are as follows:

A Rare and Wonderous Gift by aniwde
The Years Between by brummell
Tipping Point by innibis
Wild Strawberries by solstice_muse

VoteCollapse )

The Nominations for Drabble Me This are as follows:

Recount by alisanne
Requiem by hedwigs_bane
Just a Nudge by hegwigs_bane
Anniversary by maple_mahogany
Gorgeous Buttocks by shocolate

VoteCollapse )

The Nominations for Harry's Too Sexy for His... are as follows:

On Display by hpuckle
Purple Potions by simons_flower

VoteCollapse )

The Nominations for It's Not Just a River are as follows:

The Beard by shes_gone
October by serene_cj
I'll Never Have Hermione For Breakfast by shocolate

VoteCollapse )

The Nominations for Loading the Canon are as follows:

Second Chances by araindog
A Matter of Choice by innibis
The Ties that Bind by magicofisis
Flashback by plotbunniofdoom

VoteCollapse )

The Nominations for Love Me Tender are as follows:
Unloveable by asnowyowl
Coming Apart at The Seams by florahart
True Love by slantedknitting

VoteCollapse )

The Nominations for Matchmaker are as follows:

What Dreams May Come by reni_days
Hiding Behind the Truth by sheepybunbuns
Why Harry Loves Seamus by trubbleclef

VoteCollapse )

The Nominations for Out of the Cupboard are as follows:

Rumor by florahart
Positive Reinforcement by shes_gone
Jigsaw Falling Into Place by solstice_muse
Porn Night by who_la_hoop

VoteCollapse )

Nominations for Ron's Too Sexy for His...are as follows:
Letting in the Light by auntbijou
Nights and Weekends by maple_mahogany
Fingerlicking Good by tqpannie

VoteCollapse )

Nominations for Steamy Windows are as follows:

Every Breath's a Moment by estu_88
The One Where Harry Finds Cuddling Frustrating by tqpannie
Intense by belladonna803fx

VoteCollapse )

The Nominations for Through Harry's Eyes are as follows:

Waking Up to Ron by capitu
59 Days by shes_gone
Harry Potter and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by iamshadow
Watching Ron by risiepookie
Five is an Odd Number by shocolate

VoteCollapse )

Nominations for Through Ron's Eyes are as Follows">

Plate Removal by solstice_muse
A Question of Family by thalialunacy
A Lesson in Courage by tqpannie

VoteCollapse )

You will note that the categories Go and Snog and Snogged are not in the polls. That is because the winners have already been decided via nominations. Those winners will be annonced on
March 1, 2009 with the other winners.

I am sorry about the delay in putting the polls up.

Polls will remain open until February 24, 2009 at 9 pm EST.

Thanks to all of you who nominated!


Polls are going to go up later today I was unable to get to them over the weekend due to totally unrelated drama in real life.

I will have them up by midnight for your voting pleasure.


Been trapped at home with no power since Weds but I have got the artist letters out now.

Polls will go up Sunday evening barring any complications with real life.



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